How long has G.G. Gems been in business?

We started serving clients with quality jewelry back in 1990 in a small salon in Scottsdale. My goal was to create a new and different kind of jewelry-buying experience, one in which a client could make an appointment and receive my undivided attention. Back then, it was also a business that had to work around my family. At the time, my children were in elementary school and so an appointment-based system was the only way the business could work. 

What is your background, Glenna?

I started my working life as a teacher; first with children of kindergarten age and then with third graders. I earned a Master's Degree in elementary education. When I decided to go into business, my background in education served me well. Being a teacher helps me understand my clients' buying objectives and I enjoy teaching them more about jewelry. I became a jeweler by taking the rigorous Gemological Institute of America training program. My education never stops. There are always new courses and seminars that help keep me current with the trends in the jewelry business. 

Why is your business by appointment only? 

In the beginning, it was the only way I could manage the demands of being a businesswoman and a mother. But, I learned that the appointment approach to selling jewelry is a comfortable and natural way to present jewelry to my clients. Each client has the time to thoroughly examine the jewelry and receives my undivided attention. The atmosphere in my salon is relaxed and hassle-free. Many people who are uncomfortable with buying jewelry find my approach a much better way to buy jewelry for themselves and for others in their lives. 

Do you have a jewelry showroom? 

Yes, there is a salon stocked with quality jewelry and gifts. Clients can browse the large selection and make purchases which they can take with them. If we don't have the item in stock, or if you want something unique, we can choose from many of the world's best designers and gemstone merchants. 

Do you have jewelry in all price ranges? 

Yes, we carry jewelry, accessories, and gifts in all price ranges.

I don't know anything about jewelry. Can you help?

Buying jewelry gifts for the special people in your life is no different than any other purchase. We delight in helping everyone who is uncomfortable buying jewelry because we believe that helping you become an educated purchaser will make you confident in your decisions. Each time a jewelry-giving opportunity arises, you know that G.G. Gems will be there to help you with advice and jewelry that special person will love.

How does G.G. Gems compare with the big jewelry stores?

We offer a higher level of service than traditional jewelry stores. As a result, I have many wonderful clients who have purchased from me for many years. Because each client is special and gets my undivided attention, they tend to return again and again when it's time to buy jewelry or accessories for themselves or others. My clientele isn't limited to the Valley of the Sun. Many of my clients live across the U.S. and Canada and beyond. They come to me by referral from friends and other satisfied clients. G.G. Gems is the classic “word of mouth” business, growing one satisfied client at a time. 

What is IJO and why are you a member?

The Independent Jewelers Organization is a group of jewelry retailers, selected for membership based on strict membership criteria of education, training, and ethics. The IJO offers its members exclusive access to designer jewelry and accessories not available to traditional jewelry stores. Eleven years ago I was asked to become a member of Independent Jewelers Organization. Being a member of the IJO was an excellent decision for me and I am extremely proud to be part of this exclusive organization of master jewelers.

What other professional organizations do you belong to?

In addition to the IJO, I am a member of Jewelers of America, the Gemological Institute of America, and the American Gem Trade Association.